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This place is growing on me
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Originally Posted by Jaedee
This is really not the place for a religious discussion but I do want to say that what you consider disgusting we consider a loving act of kindness and if you do not believe that it changes anything you should not be concerned.  My religion teaches us to be kind and loving to all people.

I hope that we can end this discussion on that note!


Thank you so much for posting JD!!! I have used this site several times, mainly since Lauren started here heritage investigation. I am finding it more and more 'addictive' for a better lack of words. It is so interesting to find out the good and even the 'shamed' antics of our heritage. This site has had information that I have not found at So I am so delighted to have found it.

You handle things with so much dignity, I am so honored to call you friend. Hugs!

This place is growing on me
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Originally Posted by paperlady
[cathugs_zpsf48a7dc0]   [hug-1_zps7d26e94c] 
ICTMIA with you, Meryl, Noremacc and Janet!


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Well I am definitely not going to get into any type of religious discussion here but I will stand by my opinion and my wording.  I never applied the word 'disgusting' to another person's religion and I think implying that I did is disingenuous.   I did apply that word to the practice of using my ancestor's information for rituals that I would never give permission for.  This has been an ongoing problem for many years which is why I won't register there.  If you disagree - then you disagree.  But trying to paint me as some kind of villain for expressing my opinion is rather childish and kind of reminds me of bullying.
~~ Hugs from Debbie ~~  
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This thread was brought to my attention and I was asked to intervene. People have claimed there is bullying and attacking and negativity here.

They are right.

But it isn't coming from Snackpackgu.

She expressed an opinion on 1 single thing - family history information being used to baptize people postmortem without explicit consent.

Could her words have been clearer? Perhaps. But I understood what she meant and I know her well enough to know she would not attack another person's religion. Honestly, I am also of the opinion that I wouldn't want my family members baptized into a faith they did not choose for themselves. That's okay. We are all entitled to our opinions.

What is not okay is the bickering, fighting, bullying and disparaging remarks I have seen here and elsewhere. This should be a place to learn, share and grow. We are here to be a team and to support one another. Ganging up on someone because you didn't like how she worded her opinion is none of those things. Talking about people behind their backs and setting up boycotts is childish and unprofessional.

If there is misinformation in her post, then instead of attacking her opinion, share information that would enlighten and teach.

There is a high road here that can be taken, but so far the path isn't well trodden. I am shocked and surprised at how negative this post has gotten. Snackpackgu is not a bully and to villainize her for her opinion certainly does not help anything.

Inform and educate, support and share. These forums are indeed moderated and negativity is not something MM wants to see here.

Seriously, take the high road ladies. 

I'm new around here
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I have taken the high road.


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I honestly do not think that snack was trying to degrade anyone or their religion here. I think she was just pointing out in her own beliefs that the practice was not appropriate for her religious beliefs.  Sometimes things just do not come across the way we mean to over the internet.  I am a christian and I totally believe in Baptism, Christening and such, however I believe it is a choice we all must make. And even though I think as Jaedee pointed out it is a loving act it would not be appropriate for my beliefs to have my family who have already passed away be baptized if they did not wish to be.  But I certainly do not think it is a disgusting practice. I just think things may have been taken out of context here and feeling got hurt.  We just have to be very careful about how we word things or maybe when it comes to others religion we should just not say anything at all that may be taken out of context or hurt others feelings. 

Thanks for sharing Jaedee [smile]


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*chirp* *chirp*
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Rebekah is correct.

The definition of bullying is use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.

Actively seeking customers to boycott SnackPackGu's store and continuing to talk about this on Facebook as well as here in the forums for everyone to see is a virtual form of bullying. This will stop now. I have not only asked Rebekah to address this issue as she has and StoryRock stands behind her, but to archive this thread. As much as you have wanted your opinion heard, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, nothing constructive is being said and no solutions are being offered or found here.

Moving forward, if you have any concerns about what is happening in the forums, you feel you are being attacked, or you simply want to voice your opinion please email Rebekah MM's Forum Manager directly at [email protected] as these are the appropriate actions to take. She will gladly listen and offer a constructive solution. 

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