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I'm new around here
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Since Apple now only supports the Photo app I was wondering if there was an EASY way to bring my pix into this program?!?!? TIA for any information.

Jeannie H.
Wife, Mom and teacher

I'm new around here
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Same question!

I'm new around here
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I'm not sure, but I've been annoyed at the enclosed photos app so I've done without apple's photos app. Seems everyone has this desire to enclose things that contain files, and it peeves me to no end. Like adobe Lightroom! They're doing it too! To get to your photos in finder that are from either app, right click/control-click the catalog file in your user folder, and "show package contents". That's where your goodies are stored. But, as for those apps that call up a dialog box to load in your files, you're probably like me and mashing your head into a wall. I opened MM7 just to see if it'd load photos via the Photos app catalog. Apparently it does show package contents for the photos app. Lightroom? Not so much. In the prefs for lightroom, I tried to set it up to send pics to MM7 but MM7 gets hung up on that. I guess I'll get nice and friendly with the "Export" button in lightroom then. I just wish apps didn't do these encapsulated "catalog" things, as it makes it not so seamless to use its contents with other apps, and all of that exporting jazz and so on takes up precious storage space. 
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