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I'm new around here
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I love page curls (most of my Just So Scrappy kits have them), but I haven't figured out how to make them work.  I place them at the top of a paper photo, but they rarely cover the whole top edge of the paper to get that authentic, tattered-edge look.  Instead, a straight portion of the paper will show either somewhere in the middle above the curl or somewhere at the edges below the curl, so there is just a crumpled piece of paper sitting on a flat piece of paper.  In her pre-made borders, Just So Scrappy uses them over a piece of paper to beautiful effect, but I haven't figured out how to shape the edge of the paper to match the curve of the page curl.  I've tried using the rip function, but that is a lot of time-consuming trial, error, and guesswork that may or may not result in the right shape.  I've also tried making a custom shape, but the inconsistency between the shape editing window and the layout causes the same frustration as the tear feature.  Does anyone have a tip for me? Friends-002.jpg 
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