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Hello Ladies,
This month I propose a little COMPOSITION challenge :
HOW TO... (perfectly) place a photo on a page.
I already show you how to use the grids (Rule of Third and Golden Number) to place the most important elements, the ones you want to focus on. (if not, just tell me, I will reload it in the new forum).
Now, Where to put portrait ?
The most important thing to look is the position of the person(s) in the pics and what story you want to tell.
Eyes movments of the spectator are going from top left to bottom right, because of our habit in reading. Often, on print advertising, the most important message is where you will physically take the page to turn it : bottom right.
Those folowwing advises are general, because each photos need adjustment, but for general purpose, set the image of a lone people in the opposite of his sight : If the person look at right, put the pic on the left of your page. You could center a pic with a centered people with no risk, but centering a pic is often not recommended, a slight assymetry is often better. For pics with several people, main sight or main direction of the sights is important.
It is something some are unconcient, and they do it naturally. Sometimes, you can place a photo in a non-conventional place for a dramatic effect.


20160713Scribble_Words_Sentiments_1_medium.jpg    20160720_Scribble_Alpha_1_medium.jpg

So, Here are the rules:

  1. Create a layout ; You must use a kit that can be found at MyMemories.  Of course, I'd love it if you chose to use one of the kits for sale in my store

  2. Save your layout at 600x600 pixels and show it to us in the month's Inspired by Art Challenge thread. 

  3. Also, tell us in the thread which kit you used, and please link to that kit in the store so that we all can find it. 

  4. You'll have till the end of the month to make your layout, so please have it posted by the end of the month in order to earn prizes.

Prize  ~ If you've followed all of the rules + you've used a page kit from MY store here at MyMemories, in addition to the little FREEBIE, you'll receive another free bonus from me!

One more thing to note:  When scrapbooking, always try to give credit to the designers's kits you   used for in our layout.  It's a way to thank them.  If possible, link to the kits in the store.  Keep this information with your layout, and refer to it any time you post that layout for others to enjoy.

USE MY CODE : STMMMS98761 to save $10 off MyMemories Suite Software  + 1 free month of the design club ( = 8 kits) and a coupon for 30% off on photobook printing.

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