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I'm new around here
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Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to create our own designer templates?  Specifically, I have some pages that I would like to template out and make it into a book with those pages. 

Another thing I was trying was that I tried saving my layouts and in previous versions (I'm using v8) I thought it saved textboxes and photos boxes but the current version I'm using only seems to save the photoboxes and not the textboxes, is that right?

I really enjoy it here
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Hi Mchan_88

Saving Photo layout under file will save photos and shapes. 
One way you can do what you want is make an album of templates and save that. You can import (under insert) any already made pages into an album. 
I have some template albums I have made using this method. 

  • take note of where your favourite pages you wish to use as a template.
  • Start a new album and name it template
  • Import the pages from 1st step (It is only a copy so the original is still in place)
  • Delete anything from these pages you don't want as part of the template
  • Now you are ready to use. 
  • You can either just rename or save as to use the album or you can start a new album and import which ever pages you want in the new album
There are always more than one way to do things. Hope this helps.

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