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One of the things I've done for my kids is to write down stories about myself and my brothers growing up along with stories about them too.

One of the stories I've shared in my book with them is the following.  FYI I'm the oldest, the only girl and I had three younger brothers Marcel, Gaetan & Emmanuel.  There was 18months, 10 1/2 months and 18 months difference in ages down the line.  We lived on a farm and had lots of fun...this being one of those times.

When we were young, Marcel would always get mad at us if we used one particular cereal bowl and spoon to eat breakfast.  This bowl was a little bigger than the rest and the spoon had a black resin/plastic handle.  If we managed to get downstairs in the morning first and use either-he literally would throw a fit.  One night when I was about 9-10 and it was Marcel's turn to feed the cows and the rest had to do the dishes.   Gaetan, Emmanuel and I discussed how tired we were of his getting so upset just because we used "the bowl" or 'the spoon".  We decided a little payback would be in order -we decided to get the dog to lick the bowl and spoon clean, and then we put them back in the cupboard and drawer.    We did this for the remainder of the week.  Every morning that week he used his bowl and spoon...we never told him-until about 30 years later at Christmas when he read my children's book of family memories.  


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