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I do genealogy as well as scrapbooking and actually started designing years ago because I wanted kits that fit my passion for family history.

I found many like minds in the scrapbooking community.  One thing many of us share in common is the need to write down OUR story.  We research our great great great grandma but forget we will some day be someone's 4 times great grandmother and they will want to know about us! In some cases, we just need a jump start to begin our genealogical journey.

I started a blog/newsletter series in 2014 to assist like minded people to document their lives.

It took me a while after my mother and father died to go through their books and personal papers. When I did I was surprised to find a “tell me about my grandparents” book that had been purchased by my brother and given to my mother in 1985 when my nephew was born. Not every page was filled out; not every question was answered. However, the questions that were answered were enlightening and it brought me great pleasure to read my mother’s handwriting again. Today I mailed that book to my brother in Australia to give to his now adult son.
Creating my personal history journal has been an endeavor I want to do but one I never seem to budget time for. So I purchased a simple journal, grabbed books from my genealogy/family history bookshelf to guide me and looked to the internet for questions to answer to help me get started. Steve Anderson, blog writer for the “Family History” website ( suggests creating a family history journal by answering just one question a week for a year. I like that plan, the writing becomes an approachable task, broken into doable time segments.
You can join in at any time. You can start with the current question and move forward from there, catching up later with the questions asked before.

Some participants do only the journal, others do the journal and then create layouts for some of the questions as well. This is your story, you may do it any way you like.  Don't worry about handwriting, spelling and grammar. Putting words to paper is the essential task you have.

LINK TO MY BLOG - Documenting Your Life Page - for the questions and discussion from other participants. I am also in the process of improving my blog so it will be easier to comment and share.  

Please join me in the journey.



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