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I'm new around here
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Is there a tutorial or can someone explain how to add pictures to picture frames? 
When I download software I always do general and save on my computer, then use ACDsee to sort and find what I want and drag the frames onto my page.
Sometimes when I do it the photo snaps to size of the frame, sometimes I can move the frame around the picture and place it where I want. Sometimes I add 'photo box' and then insert picture.  There are times I use a premade cluster with a frame in and struggle with getting the photo the same size.


I'm new around here
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If you look on, I am sure you will find a tutorial.  I use Paintshop Pro X9.  It is easy using that software.


I really enjoy it here
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Hi Deb,
Not sure if you have a windows or a mac computer. MMS will automatically install the kits you download into the software if you are talking about buying the kits from the MMS store. It can be very helpful as you progress to have each kit under the name of the designer. If you want to enter the challenges or to post your work anywhere, you need to be able to credit the designer.

I am just talking using MMS here. A frame should be a PNG element. Unless there is a photobox in it, no picture should snap to an element without the photobox. If you are using a photo album or a photo book from the store, they come with the photo boxes already in place. 

When using a cluster frame element, I often place the photobox in the top corner of the inside of the frame, then drag the side of the photobox to the other side of the frame and the bottom of the box to the bottom of the frame. then if needed, change the shape as in if it is a circle.

What I think might be happening is you are using the snap to guides. They can be unclicked under view at the top left.

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