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Welcome to our February challenge - the theme is "love, romance, Valentine's Day, etc."

Check out our featured collection: DEVOTION, our "Backyard Bargain" all pieces on sale from Feb 1-15; and the Bundle 50% off Feb 16 >.


(1) create a layout with photo(s) of friends or family (our fur babies are family too) in which you include some dimension of this month's theme

(2) your layout must be created using a product(s) from a My Memories designer(s) - you do NOT have to use one of our products, but we would love it if you did.

(3) post your layout here in this thread, before the end of the month, and be sure to credit the designer(s) & their product(s) used.

(4) We will PM you the POSTING BONUS at the end of the month.

Posting Bonus Preview:
Collection Previews:
Devotion__BUN_600.jpg   Devotion__BUN_EWC_Valentines_600.jpg  Devotion_AL_600.jpg  Devotion_CL_600.jpg  Devotion_CLsampler_600.jpg  Devotion_CS_600.jpg  Devotion_MA_600.jpg  Devotion_PetiteAll_600.jpg  Devotion_PetiteEle_600.jpg  Devotion_PetitePpr_600.jpg  Devotion_PKall_600.jpg  Devotion_PKele_600.jpg  Devotion_PKppr_600.jpg 

Here are layouts from our CT to provide scrap lift opportunities and inspiration:
600_OTFD_Devotion_JS.jpg  600_OTFD_Devotion_JSW.jpg  600_otfdp_devotion_pbsLO1.jpg  600_otfdp_devotion_pbsLO2.jpg  600_otfdp_devotion_pbsLO3.jpg  600_otfdp_devotion_pbsLO4.jpg  600_otfdp_devotion_pbsLO5.jpg  600_otfdp_devotion_pbsLO6.jpg  600_otfdp_devotion_pbsLO7.jpg  600Ellen.jpg  600Faith1.jpg  600Mary1.jpg  600-Michelle1.jpg  600-otfd-devotion-DD-rd-01.jpg  600-otfd-devotion-rd-02.jpg  600Pia1.jpg  600-ps_otfdDEVOTION_frtempl.jpg  600-ps_otfdDEVOTION_pstmpl.jpg 

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