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Hi all!!!

I LOVE the beach! Especially in Spring time: the cold wind, the empty beaches, screaching seagulls, kyte surfers riding the waves...
Nothing clears the head better!

So,..I give you: Fresh Air!
A collection in blue and whites, with a splash of red and orange!

35% off on separate parts and an even better deal on the collection!

Thank you for watching and have fun!

Hugs, Sonja

Here's a bit of inspiration from the Synergy Ink CT ladies!

55719326_986703104861632_5896400939564138496_n.jpg  55860990_2532990386773976_7655600259602579456_n.jpg  55910137_2532987523440929_4033959440477585408_n.jpg  55944944_2542840842417506_6757099019744313344_n.jpg  56614139_2215181825207755_5588507769339641856_n.jpg  SI-FreshAir-Layout-1-webkl.jpg 

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