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I'm new around here
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Hi - I've been browsing around in the My Memories forum for about five months, and I love the software. I've made about 30 posts, and found that the "Got Questions?" posts eventually get some useful answers (thanks, mostly, to "Sugar")!

However, I have had a much more difficult time understanding how the Gallery functions. I've made 10 Gallery layout posts over those five months, with not a single one getting a kind word, feedback, or a sign that I even made the post. They also get only about 5 to 10 views. To say the least, it is not very welcoming. It is hard for me to even tell if there is a single person or a committee actually guiding the activity on the forum. I looked today and while the "forum administrator" last logged on 10 days ago, it appears the last post was made July 6, 2017? Please tell me this is not the case.....

I have posted three times in individual designer challenges, and those had some limited feedback. Thank you, Valerie, Over the Fence Designs and Happy Scrap Arts!

And then I thought, maybe I am not using the Gallery properly since nearly all the Gallery posts appear to me to be Creative Teams for designers. But I am not even sure of that. The info on the Gallery simply says to submit to Instagram. Is that where people are supposed to share Gallery work rather than the forum? When I look at Instagram, it appears the posts are still from Creative Team types. Over the last month there were 50 posts, with 12 total comments. Are posts from general users simply not welcomed or useful? Help, please, I am just trying to understand how to share things that I use from My Memories designers in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Which is what I thought the forum was all about....

Sorry to unload and sound so negative, but I really enjoy the MyMemories software, the shop's designers and the wonderful blog trains. I just don't seem to understand how I can get active in the community.  

Final question - is there a way to view Gallery layouts without opening each individual post? Yikes, that is a lot of work....


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I'm new around here
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First -I want to say I am fairly New Too. And found that only a few of the challenges / designers are active on this forum. Those are the ones I enter on this forum. Check dates of post and have fun! Everyone is busy -even me and sometimes I never get back too comment after I post my page.

You  might try the MyMemories group on Facebook : to post pictures and contact designers. Also there Facebook pages/ Websites. I find that's my best shot!! 

Also may of these designers are on other scrapbook sites and Forums. And you may find them active on those sites. As well as Blog trains.. 

 So Welcome and maybe I will see you on here. [smile] Lisa Jung

Lisa Jung
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