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I'm new around here
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Hi, I'm new here and joined just to ask others if they experience this.

I got MM some time ago and stopped using it because when I'm building Scrapbook pages, what I see on the screen is not a sharp image.  I can't tell if things are lined up, images are blurry, fonts aren't clear.  I like to have things line up and I have to export to JPG sometimes just to see if things look good.  This leads me to never using MM.

I can't be the only one that has experienced this.  I've used it on two different laptops I bought especially for the graphics for scrapbooking/photography, etc.  I just tried the newer version of MM thinking maybe it had improved, but no.

Any thoughts?

I really enjoy it here
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Hi Crafty Mojo. Welcome. Sorry you seem to be having issues. Several things can cause this. It can be the resolution of your screen. If you have the image in MMS zoomed in, it will appear a bit grainy. I usually work at 70% zoom as I like to see 2 page spreads. There are a couple of things you can do to line up. One is to use the align function. Select the objects and right click. Another is to left click on your ruler and a red line appears. You can then move objects and they will click to the line if close enough. To remove the red line, click on it on the ruler and slide it off the ruler.
Hope this helps you.

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