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I'm new around here
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Hi! I have Memories software 9 and I am soo stumped. Do you have a How to book? Following the tutorials online is really hard for me. I do better if I can read a step by step. I have limited time to do my scrapping and I was in the middle of a project when my wonderful Fotofusion died on me and I am really hoping to be able to replace it with your program but have been struggling for weeks now to figure it out. I have hundreds of kits (yes I am a hoarder!) and am having a really tough time getting them into the program. With my old one I just opened their file and dragged and dropped them into my work space. Breaking down the kits into elements and backgrounds is definitely going over my head. No offense to your program, Photoshop Elements did the same thing. My brain is just getting old! Another problem I am finding is that most tutorials are not for the same series as the one I have. I find lots of how to use the new stuff in it, but I really need the basic first you do this and then you do this and then this, etc. Anyone have any suggestions for a computer eliterate person like me? Thanks for any help. I really want to make this work as Fotofusion now costs a fortune. Debby

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Sorry you are having trouble using the MM software. There isn't a manual a such but I can help you with any issues you are having.

I have a short introduction to the software that I will share with you. It's in the attached file. If you have any further issues, please let me know.

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