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I'm new around here
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WHen I download kits from MM (or others) I use the general download.
I unzip the folders and place all items into 1 Folder (name folder by kit name and designer).

If I just use the one kit on a page I will browse (via the gallery) to the folder and all works well.

Where I have difficulty is: The acdsee program (acts like a browser on my computer).  I can search for say 'flowers' and it will show me all the flowers I have and I can pick how many I want and "Drag and Drop" them unto my open MyMemories page that I am working on, then do a search for frames, paper, etc and drag and drop. I may be using elements from 4 or 5 various kits.  Up to this point all seems to work ok. I can move them around, change oppacity, bring forward/back etc.  I can NOT add shadows to the elements; I'm assuming it has to do with the transparencies since I get an error when i drag and drop that transparencies may not work.  
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