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The purpose of this challenge is to create a book of you.

Let your imagination work and just think about a sound that you do regularly, that you love particularly and explain it in a layout.

I did this kind of challenge when I was a very beginner, so I am sure everybody can do it.

This time, the question is If I was a SOUND, I would be ...

When, it’s possible, explain why. It’s not an obligation but as the purpose is to make you go out of your comfort zone, it’ll be better if you give some explanations.

Here is what I imagine in 2013:

bom bruit.jpg 
Of course, it's in French, as I am French speaking and in 2013, I was not on English forums.

I've just remade it today, in English :-)

bom bruit-2019.jpg 

I did not get many participations for my first challenge, If I was a flower I would be  but If you like that kind of challenge, I invite you to do it too. It's still open !

Happy to be here with you all !

This place is growing on me
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Love the idea of creating a book of you.

Used your Autumn Colors kit.  Love the shroom houses!


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