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Scraps N Pieces

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We just put in this Utah kit and Oregon kit in the last couple weeks

We have TONS of travel kits in our store here and at least two more coming this year.  Check them all out

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Thanks for the post.  I do love that southern Utah kit since we had a big family vacation there.  I will have to get that kit for that group of pictures.  The arches is perfect Thanks for directing me to your shop.  Very nice kits.  I think I have found some other kits that I like for some other projects I am working on!

I'm new around here
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I'm not sure I'm putting my comment in the right area since this whole thread seems to be about the same question however I made up a birthday invitation for my step-sons to give their friends. They liked what I had done but wondered if there wasn't a "minecraft" themed kit on my memories. This is a popular game among kids these days. It's an online computer or console game where you basically build/destroy blocks. That is the extent of my knowledge. I've only watched them play and don't quite understand the appeal but I'm told it's popular. Here is the link to see what the game is:
I'm not sure if it's possible to create a kit of this type of game given the graphics however if so, my step-sons would be very happy...among many other boys I'm sure.

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I don't think there's one... I'm not sure it's possible... because of the copyrights... and the graphics in minecraft are basic... but yes it's quite popular.

You should look at a more general theme like video games.


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I have a Minecraft-themed kit called "Pixel Miner."  My son is completely obsessed with that game!

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