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Here's mine...the very short list ...  i have a much longer one!  I use my newest kit, "Sweet Summertime" and one of Erica's Fa La La QC's!



I'm new around here
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This is my journal layout. 
I used the Black and White Kit with the A Little Sunshine Font from the Font Challenge. 



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A few of my favorite things:

I used the Ordinary World Kit (by jusme) for this challenge.

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I'm new around here
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I'm so inspired by you all!  Trying to navigate around this site is challenging but I will make it!  Will even try to do a LO!

This place is growing on me
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Here's mine, sans photos. I'd never done a page of just journaling (at least not that I can remember), so I decided to give it a try.A-Few-OfMy-Favorite-Things_web.jpg 

I used "Full of Poetry" by Delph Designs, "Veronica" overlays by Elisabeth Weaver and an element from the June CEA kit.
Fonts used: CK Maternal and Dream Orphans


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What a Great variety of favorite things pages. They are all Awesome ladies!!

 The challenge is to journal - so I journaled, even if I am doing a bit of whining. LOL  Here is my page.


    So, the challenge is to journal about a few of my favorite things. Humm - let me think about that one. Of course, at the top of my list, that would have to be my family. My son, grandchildren, and I have had a lot of fun going and doing over the years. What follows on the heels of that is making pages about our fun, so my next favorite thing would be my internet that allows me to access my favorite websites where I get my kits and participate in challenges. 

    BUT- for the last couple of years (since my ISP, cable TV company, has gone all digital) my internet connection has not been very reliable, and I have done everything to fix what they have tried to tell me is the problem. I am very frustrated with their service. It's on - it's off - it's on - it's off. I already know the phone company DSL does not reach my house, so that is not an option. I went in search of a new provider and decided to try one that is satellite internet, as this is pretty much my final option. I am hoping this will be a reliable connection, but won't find out until it is up and working. According to the company, they scheduled the local installer to come and hook me up on Friday June 27 between 8:00am and 12:00pm. The installer was to call before they came, but alas, I waited by the phone and received no call, nor did anyone show up. I can't be upset with the company I signed up with yet, after all, they are dependent upon a local outfit to do the installation, and things around here happen in *Bishop* time (like overnight means 2 days-LOL). 

   Needless to say I am a bit disappointed that I do not have a photo, of my brand new connection, to add to this page. And - I will be keeping my fingers crossed that my existing connection will be *on* long enough to get this page uploaded in time for the challenge deadline. 

   Another of my favorite things is a bowl of rocky road ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup that helps me feel better. LOL


I used Funky Junk Combo Designer Pack and Funky Junk-The Solids Papers by Meryl Bartho. I also used her DSP 4 Assorted Quick Click.

Font: Apple Casual Regular

WooHoo!!! I got it posted!! [biggrin]

 Kit used is Whisper Softly Designer Pack by Carla's Treasures.

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This place is growing on me
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I have learned that one of the good things about getting older
is learning what is important, what brightens our lives, and what
is of little concern... One of the most important things I have
learned is how much it means to have special people in my life...
Sometimes people may not realize that everything they do
can touch others.  A single happy smile can brighten up some
ones day... A kind and gentle word can make a great difference
in some ones life.  A tiny act of kindness can create a ray of

I have always seen my life as a journey which takes me on many
different roads.  With mountains to climb and many hills and
valleys to go up and down...These have filled my life with all different
kinds of challenges and obstacles.  Illness, love, and lost moments of
true greatness all occur to test the limits of our souls...But I have always
made it through these times because of the special people in my path
bringing me encouragement, love and hope..

Just thinking about those special people brings many *smiles*
into my heart.People take different roads  seeking fulfillment
and happiness...  Just because they are not on your road doesn't
mean they have gotten lost.We are all climbing different mountains
and we only have one lifetime to reach the top.

Think about it and make everyday count!  Surround yourself with
others who put a



I'm new around here
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Here's mine

I used Meryl's Beach Day kit.


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Thank you all for the lovely layouts and for taking part in the challenge. My apologies for being late in sending out the bonuses and for being a bit "absent" - as some of you know i am on a long holiday in Ireland right now (just one week left [frown]) - when home i hope to be back in the swing of things!
If you have NOT got your bonus please drop me a pm, I'd hate to miss anyone.

This place is growing on me
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All amazing layouts!  Meryl you are a wonderful designer and I would love to see another challenge from you. [wave]
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