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This place is growing on me
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Here my pages made with Eileen her loving April 2020 - HSA_AprilGarden1
thanks Eileen
shop link-

The first lo is - April 2020 , you'r a Unique monkey
pict. my own made in a Zoo a few years ago in Belgium in Antwerpen Zoo by the monkey who sat on a pile .
Wonder if it sat
shadowed a bit
Alpha from the kit

April 2020 , you'r a Unique monkey.jpg 

Here is my April 2020 - The Brandaris-Terschelling
all info below about the lighthouse
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pict. my own made by me a long time ago when we spend a weekend on this loving Island.
shadowed a bit
The Brandaris is a lighthouse on the Dutch Wadden Sea island Terschelling, in Friesland.
It is the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands, listed as a Rijksmonument,
number 35032 and rated with a very high historical value.
History :
The first tower was built in 1323 to guide ships on their way to Amsterdam,
through the Zuiderzee, the narrow opening between Vlieland and Terschelling.
A good position marking was necessary because many islands in the North Sea look very similar.
When the sea flooded Terschelling in 1570 the tower was completely destroyed.
In 1592 the construction of a new tower was started, but it collapsed before it was finished
because bad building materials had been used. The current tower was built in 1594.
In 1837 the tower was the first lighthouse in the Netherlands to be equipped with a rotating Fresnel lens.
Electrification took place in 1907. Today, the light in the tower is controlled fully automatically.
April 2020 - The Brandaris-Terschelling.jpg 

Here is my April 2020 - rain dripping on my violets
made with the loving BT from April 2020 - HSA_AprilGarden1
thanks Eileen
pict. my own about my violets in the rain

April 2020 -rain dripping on my violets.jpg 

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