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This place is growing on me
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Nov.2018 HSA Botanical Chestnut kit
shop link -

Here is my Nov.2018 Mask Sailing contest challenge lo.
Thanks for the template Eileen.
made with the loving - Nov.2018- HSA_ArtsyBits7 kit from Eileen ,
shop link.
Thanks Eileen-
Pict. got it from our Lemmer Facebook ,from the sailing contest in Sept. on our Lemmer beach water.
not shore but I think it is made by Hielke Roelevink ?
If not please let me know who made it.
shadowed and recolored a bit
font - HP Simplified Light
Nov.2018 Mask Sailing contest.jpg 

Nov. 2018 - Heron
pict-made by my self about a loving Heron
shadowed a bit
Nov. 2018 - Heron.jpg 

Nov. 2018 - Sempervivum macedonicum
pict-made by my self about a loving Sempervivum macedonicum ,
we call this Huislook , in here they place it on all roofs to keep the heat in Winter time .
shadowed a bit
Nov. 2018 - Sempervivum macedonicum.jpg 

November 2018 quotes or Scriptures , thanks Tina
Here is my lo - Nov.2018 thankful
I used this one :
Gratitude turns what we have into enough
The thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us. James E. Faust
font-Summer Love
pict-Statue stands In Le Havre.France ,
free to use made by y niece Tineke , thanks.
kit-I used the loving new one : HSA_Botanical_Chestnut_FWP
Thanks Eileen
shadowed a bit
Nov.2018 thankful.jpg 

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