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My hubby is supposed to be on a Low fat, low salt, low sugar diet for his high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar...  Problem is, he is a picky eater!!!  He likes red-meat, mashed potatoes, anything fried, pie and ice cream!  LOL

I don't really even know where to start.

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Have a look at site. He has good info on eating that cures a lot of these problems. Another good source is - another doctor.
I make my own ice cream and it only has 2.6 gm sugar per serve (small serve). I chill a can of evaporated milk. Make a white sauce using 3 cups milk, 1/3 cup brown or raw sugar and thicken with either cornflour, tapioca flour, gelatine or agar agar. Use what ever flavours you like. Chill the sauce.  Whip evap milk till peaks form. Takes a fairly long time. Either whip the sauce and fold together or push through a strainer and fold in.  Sometimes I use sweetened greek youghurt instead of white sauce. Other times I will add whipped cream in.
Flavour suggestions:
Caramelize sugar before adding milk
Add pre dissolved coffee
Cocoa (peppermint essence)

I have had to do a lot of research to help my health problems. So far I have lost nearly 14kg in 4 months, gone off a lot of medication including blood pressure and reflux meds. I find if I have the wrong foods my body know it. Sugar makes me crave it as well as burning and wanting to eat.  Coconut oil is good to help a lot of this. I have cut out any fat that is not either olive oil or coconut oil or pure dairy. No processed foods as they contain sugar and a whole lot of nasties. Most grains I am allergic to wheat, rice, corn anyway. Wherever possible I bur organic or a least grain fed, free range, antibiotic or chemical free.
Sample of my daily diet. (Not perfect yet but it sure has helped.)
Breakfast: 2 pieces of Sourdough organic rye toast with honey from farmers ie raw unheated.
Lunch: fruit salad with coconut oil, coconut (organic) and walnuts or pecans. With cream (Full fat) (Research has shown we need the full fat to properly digest) Or I might have 2 eggs scrambled with cheese, Or maybe some homemade soup. Or a smoothie.
Dinner: Stirfry and ice cream
Snacks: I try to only have one a day. Glass of milk (Coffee no sugar), or 1 GF biscuit or some nuts.

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Oh wow...glad i came in here to have a look. We both need to follow similar diets too Kara and Sue but we're not picky, well I'm not the other half just won't make up his mind what he wants lol...Sue it's great to see a menu plan for some one who is a real normal person lol and by that I mean not a selling site. Half the meal plans cost so much money...I purchased the CSIRO heart books and every recipe altogether easy and yummy you've got to buy so many ingredients and I'm not a great liker of cooking so I just want normal meals that I can change to suit what should be our new lifestyle. That ice cream sounds great. I think that's half the hassle with special diets is the the snacks...we're so used to our snack being full of sugar, cakes or bikkies ay

can wait to see more stuff come in here...we can all try to get healthy together [smile]



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