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MM Designer
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I'm so sorry everyone, I'm still waiting for the kits for my next Share The Luv Challenge to finish processing into the MyMemories store! (The person who is usually in charge of the store is on vacation, so there is a huge backlog of products waiting to go in.)

I promise I will post my challenge as soon as I can, and if necessary I will allow a few extra days for layouts to be posted!

In the meantime, hop on over to my blog, there's a small treat for you to play with while you're waiting! See ya soon!  [wave]

Share The Luv Designs 

- Carole


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This place is growing on me
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I hopped on over to your blog and thanks for the treat.  [smile]  I like the sneak peek of your new kit. [wink]

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I'm new around here
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Thanks, Carole.  I'll be looking for the new kit!
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