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This place is growing on me
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Here is my lo - Nov.2019 Frendship recipe
used the free poem from :
I used this one ,
Salt you food with humor,
Pepper it with wit,
And sprinkle over it
The charm of fellowship.

perfect for this blogtrain freebie,HSA_FamilyTraditions_BT
Thanks Eileen

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Nov.2019 Frendship recipe.jpg 

Here is my lo - Nov.2019 ABCs of Friendship
used the free poem from :
I used this one ,
The ABCs of Friendship Alphabet Poem
Always be honest.
Be there when they need you.
Cheer them on.
Don’t look for their faults.
Every chance you get, call!
Forgive them.
Get together often.
Have faith in them.
Include them.
Just listen.
Know their dreams.
Love them unconditionally.
Make them feel special.
Never forget them.
Offer to help.
Praise them honestly.
Quietly disagree.
Rescue them often.
Say you’re sorry.
Talk frequently.
Use good judgement.
Vote for them!
Wish them good luck!
X-ray yourself first.
Your words count.
Zip your mouth when necessary.

Thanks Eileen

Nov.2019 ABC Friendship recipe.jpg 

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