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Hey Friends!  I am looking for a Gluten Free yeast bread recipe that will work for just "toast" or sandwiches that does not call for Coconut or Almond flour, as those are two flours I can't get here in Ecuador...

I can get just about any other flour you could name, even plantain flour.   

If it was just for myself, I would say, forget the bread and move on, but we are trying to go GF with our 10 year old son, and I need to be able to make him a peanut butter sandwich or cinnamon toast, when his siblings have it...  

I would really love to find something that works well, that maybe I could just start getting my whole family on the same page. [smile]


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Hi.I also want to learn how to make delicious pastries for the holiday season. I want to give my family the best possible. I have seen how to do it at: But it was not enough for me to make great pies
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