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Did you hear the news?  DSD Weekend moved up 1 month to THIS Weekend! I've got so much going on - you won't want to miss any of it!

First up... the SALES!  50% off ALL products (including Bundles and Commercial Use!)
through Oct. 3rd:


Next up... GIVEAWAYS!  I'm hosting ALL of my Giveaways in Facebook in my Gallery Showcase Group.  Come join me!

THIRD... A NEW COLLECTION!  "Be Brave" is an inspiring series for your fiercest and most courageous moments.  It just released this weekend, and you can get the entire set for just $5 in the MM store!

Finally ... FREEBIES!  1/2 of this collection can be found free on my blog.  The other 1/2 is free in my Gallery Showcase group on Facebook.  Not on Facebook?  You can also get them in my next newsletter... IF you sign up!


Now is the best time to snag the best deals.  And, I hope you'll show off any layouts you make!  I'd love to see them!
[smile] Mags

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