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I'm new around here
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Hi, Everyone

I am new to this site and I was delighted to find the forum on Family History, It's been a big hobby of mine for 15 year's now, but 2 years ago I knew I could go no further in my research.

I decided it was time to get writing all the information I had found, which believe me is a lot.  I started with PagePlus, but after some time I sat back and thought this is boring.  Well, at this time I had also decided to scrapbook all the photo's I have accumulated over the years, ( I have also took up doing cross stitch).

I was looking on the internet for ideas on how to make my writing interesting, when I found someone suggesting 'Why not scrapbook your Family Tree'.  

I have wasted money on scrapbook software, I couldn't find one that could cope with the amount of information I need to put in each of my books (4 books).  Then I found My Memories and I thought I would give it a go.  Its been fantastic, I can I have as many pages as I like in each book, so far with no problem and I have been able to copy and paste the work I have already done in PagePlus.

So anyone out there thinking of writing there Family Tree I would recommend My Memories, don't waste your money on other software that cannot cope with lots of information.

I am so enjoying writing my findings now, my cross stitch has been put on hold.  Its not boring anymore and adding my creativity is really fun, it may not be good but its fun and I am sure it will be more interesting for my family.

I keep coming back to the forum for inspiration and ideas, so far it as never failed me.

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