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I'm new around here
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I can't find a forum dedicated to technical support so I'm posting this here.

I purchased and installed this software this morning, already the program has shut down unexpectedly 5 different times causing me to lose PAGES of work and lots of time.  I'm about ready to cry [frown]

Is this software known to have problems running on a Mac?

I have a brand new desktop imac (2014) with 16gigs of RAM and 3TB HD.... paid plenty to have this amount of memory, so its not a memory issue on my side.

Who can I call to see if this can be resolved?

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There isn't a board for it because technical support is handled by the MM tech guy and he isn't on the forums. He can be reached HERE and I'm so sorry you're having this issue but he is your best bet for figuring out what's going on.
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