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I really enjoy it here
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The newest vintage collection designed by ADB Designs 



You can mix-and-match individual packs or buy the bundle if you need it all
(and who doesn't, need it all!)

I enjoyed featuring my grandparents on both sides of my family with this lovely vintage collection!

My dad's parents inherited the family homestead in 1924, and worked it as a farm until 1959 when my grandfather passed away.  Later my grandmother continued to have livestock and a food producing garden until 1990.  (She passed away at the age of 93 and had farmed all her life in rural Central Texas.)

The next layout features a family photo of my maternal grandmother's family.  She is the little girl on the far left at age 5 or so.  At age 14 she dropped out of school to help support the family due to a coal mining accident which took her father's life.  She worked hard all her life - first as a waitress, and later as a very involved Pastor's wife.

600-adbdesigns-some-hard-times-poki-02.jpg  The blues of this color palette complimented the sepia of my vintage photo very well!

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