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I'm new around here
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I didn't see this topic anywhere, but if it is, I would love the link to the thread. 

I thought it would be nice for the creators of the software to know the kinds of features we would love to see ADDED to the update. And, if someone has added something to list that the software already does, then a nudge in the direction of a tutorial or answer from an expert would be great!

Here goes - I would love to see MM ver10 do the following:

  1. Spread a Single Photo Across Two Pages - I used this feature on occasion for really dramatic images in Shutterfly and Mixbook, and I miss it here. The feature should work as well on shapes or embellishments.
  2. Erase Button - Sometimes I want to crop an embellishment in a way you can't using a square.
  3. Line Tool. Sometimes I just want to manipulate a simple line into dots or dashes - this is basic in every other kind of software. The ability to add color to it or fill it with paper would be great.
  4. Wrap Text. I want to be able to wrap text around a grouping of photos and embellishments to make my journaling look more interesting.
  5. Fade Button. I am not really sure what this tool is called in the world of photo editing, but I would love to fade out a photo around a key feature. This would be used somewhat similar to the color pop tool, but the tool would be used to fade what is brushed over. If this tool could be used in a mask, or in conjunction with the blur function, it would be really cool.

I really enjoy it here
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Some of these suggestions are already fully or partially in use. 
You can span a photo over 2 pages. Use the view 2 page spread, have the photo crossing the 2 pages. Right click then down the bottom of the commands is span 2 pages. The photo or mbllishment will then appear on both pages.
You can crop an embellishment to different preset shapes. Not quite the same but works for some things.
You can shape the text box to square or circle and have the text inside or outside of that shape.
Hope this helps.

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This place is growing on me
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I see this is an old post, but I have a suggestion for MM10 - it would be really nice to have a Contrast adjustment for photos along with the brighten, darken, gamma correction, etc. features already there.
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