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I'm new around here
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Are there any versions of the software that utilize the desktop space around the layout that is being worked on? 

I noticed that this area around the layout is used to insert papers, embellishments, and a store link on the left.  I would like to see these features placed on the top of the program only, and the area around the layout blank and usable. 

I would like to record my notes, including credits to the kits that I am using in my layout, in a blank area around the layout document screen.  Thank you. 

This place is growing on me
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I really like the idea of adding a space for notes on the layout!!

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In answer to your question Flutterby - no [frown]  The only area that can be manipulated is the layout area itself.  If you want to record notes, the best way that I can think of would be to open a text document that you could make notes on as you create your layouts.  It's a nice program but it's just not that sophisticated.
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