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I'm new around here
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For instance, I'd really love to see a feature where the user can "hide used" (or even mark them as used with a checkmark) photos in the Photo Gallery (so nice not to have to browse through already-used images, especially when dealing with a large volume of photos!).

Also, I'd *really* like to be able to zoom in so that my page is actual size on my screen without it getting pixelated and low-quality.  Other software programs can do it, so MM can, too.  I like to see my page in real-size (12" across) and it's SUPER annoying that it gets so fuzzy and weird looking when I zoom in (and why do I have to zoom to 200% just so that it's the actual size on my monitor?  Weird!).

Lastly, (for now), it's be great if we could preview our text in the font pane.  In my previous software, it was so nice to be able to see the phrase I was typing shown in each and every font on my system!

Is this the best place in the forums to post these suggestions?  I'm happy to do it elsewhere if there's a better place!  Thanks!

I'm new around here
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Love your suggestion of hiding photos once they are used in photo book. I wish that when typing text that the text box would automatically increase in size to something readable. There should be an area for upgrade suggestions.
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