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Family history and passing down the stories of times past is so important to us and I think especially so when we get older. As a child it's not something that you really think that much about and grandparents repeated stories of the old days can seem mundane and boring. It's not until when we get older that we start to cherish those old stories and start telling some of our very own to our children.

Well this is where scrapbooking can become a vital part of the story telling. The time to tell a story on a scrapbooking page can be an excellent investment of time and energy. It's as my mother, now 82 years whom I take care of - as she grows older and her memory starts to fail her, that I realise just how important it is to write those stories down. Her memory of events is now not so correctly recited and tends to get mixed up.  To try and sit down and get the stories correct now isn't so easy anymore. That is why you should do it SOONER rather than later. And if you have stories that you want to pass on to your grandchildren of your own life - then by all means scrap your memories for the next generations to read and enjoy.

This is a layout I've done with my Dad and Mum. Dad passed away a long time ago when I was very young and I have little memory of him and what I do is mostly from stories mum has told me rather than my own actual memories.
Anyway I thought I'd share this layout of my mum and dad from way back.

Kit: Days Gone By - by Carena's Designs
it's a favourite of mine for heritage layouts. There are many Quick Pages, templates all made with this kit in store also which makes it fast for anyone to put together a page and give you the time to add that all important journalling and story telling.


and here are some photos scrapped with my grandparents. I'm sorry these haven't got those precious stories but I don't post those on the internet as it tells too much of my family. Please be careful what you post online in this regard. But I'm sure you understand my caution on this matter. 
Thanks for reading my post and ramblings. Hugs and happy scrapbooking your family history and memories.
Kind regards
Carena's Designs


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