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*chirp* *chirp*
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There have been some events recently that have been brought to our 

attention. We hope this post can shed some light on what has been 

going on, how we can proceed from here, and what is expected from 

MyMemories designers.

We are aware that there are numerous Facebook groups that designers 

and members alike participate in. This is fine. We will never 

interfere in growing communities. Everyone should have a safe place 

to speak their mind. That being said, as designers at MyMemories, you 

do, in a way, represent our brand. How you handle yourself in public 

can affect how you, and <>, are 

viewed professionally. With this in mind, we want to stress again our 

mission to foster teamwork, friendship and a commitment to excell ence 

while developing relationships with each other and with customers, 

both old and new.


The forums are moderated in a way that the Facebook groups are not. 

Negativity, whether by designers or members, is not tolerated. 

Everyone has a right to free speech and to their opinions; we will 

never forget that. However, with freedom comes the burden of your 

words. Written words do not have the subtle nuance of spoken 

conversation. Intent is not always clear. People may post things you 

do not agree with, and to each their own. Some people may use words 

or phrases that may be taken the wrong way. We don't want to 

perpetuate misunderstandings. People write and speak differently 

about various topics.

The issue is in how we deal with those differences.

You can absolutely offer up opinions that differ from one another. If 

you feel someone has attacked you personally, you can send that 

member a pri vate message asking for clarification. Tell them how you 

feel with honesty and kindness. No one likes to feel they are being 

persecuted or attacked, and it is easy to get upset in the heat of 

the moment. It is not okay to attack in response, actively or 

passive-aggressively, on the forums. Name-calling, ridicule, virtual 

bullying and the like are not appropriate public responses. If 

someone has misinformation, instead of retaliating negatively, offer 

support and encouragement in the way of supplying new and helpful 

information. There is always room to learn and grow together if we try.


As we stated earlier, there are numerous Facebook groups we are all 

part of. It's okay to vent if you need to, but do note that what you 

are saying is not private. Name-calling in a Facebook group can just 

as easily hurt someone as if it happened on the forums. We aren't 

going to sit here and tell you not to do it, or not to v ent; that is 

your prerogative. Just be aware that your words reach out beyond the 

comments and posts and can affect others.

If you have a grievance, or don't feel comfortable discussing the 

issue with the party involved, please email or PM a member of the 

administration or a moderator; they are always willing to listen and 



We will always support free speech. We will never tolerate undue 


Thank you and have fun in the MyMemories Forum! 


Cole Peak 
StoryRock, Inc. 
Forum Director


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Well said Cole![smile]

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Seriously... YES!  Thank you, Cole! [smile]
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Thank you Cole - very well said [smile]
~~ Hugs from Debbie ~~  
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MM Designer
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Thank you so much for this post. Well said.

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This place is growing on me
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ditto, thank you.

MM Designer
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Well said!

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MM Designer
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Thank you! AGREE with all that is said!! [smile]
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MM Designer
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Well said [smile]
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thank you Cole!
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I agree with this,I like to stay out of all the drama 
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MM Designer
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I agree with this and will stay out of the drama

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Well said! I agree, thank you for making this post.

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Well said. I agree.



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I'm new around here
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Thanks for this post Cole Peak!!  Although I have not seen that here, I see do this oit a couple of support groups I facilitate or help by posting oinks to possible answers and it is very hard not to respond in kind to mean people.  On the group I facilitate, they get a message from admin to please delete the post and rewrite it.  they get 2 warnings on nasty stuff and bullying or vitriolic responses then they are removed from the group.  They have to write  admin to get readmitted.  I appreciate an admin that addresses issues instead of letting them just go on!  Again, THANK YOU!
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